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Visit Hervey Bay by diving into the waters of Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island

Hervey Bay

For those of you wanting to travel to Fraser Island in Australia, it’s definitely worth your money. It is hands down one of the most important attractions in the country, however, with a little hiccup in the internet connection and other distractions.

Your tour to Fraser Island can be a day long or a for a week, all depends on the time you can devote. From buses, or self-drive to 4WD buses, the mode of transport can be anything based on your convenience. You can then head over to three destinations that are a must visit in Fraser Island – Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach, and Noosa.

Australia Fraser island

An overnight trip to Fraser Island is recommended over a day trip, because your half the day is wasted in freeing yourself from the sand. So, if you want to explore and experience the Fraser Island properly, a 3days and 2nights trip is much preferred.

However, before you plan a trip to the Fraser Island make sure that you have the Tourist Visas for Australia without which you would not be allowed to enter Australia. It’s an authorization that is electronically connected to your passport and is valid for business, and tourism purpose. So, simply apply for it online and get the Visa connected to your passport without the needs of any passport official or any stamp.

Australia Beach-Fraser

How to get to Fraser Island?

Hiring a campervan won’t be a great idea because most rental companies don’t allow you to hire a 4WD vehicle to take a tour of the island. So, if you are interested in driving around the island, tag-along tour would be a great idea.

Tag-along tours are a mix of guided and self-guided tours. This consists of a lead car driven by the tour guide and you follow the guide driving another car behind, while the tag-alongs are in the 4WD cars. If you want to get the right balance of fun, relaxation, and adventure, this is one of the best ways to take a tour of Fraser Island.

Accommodation on the Island

From putting up camps for an adventurous stay to relaxing in the luxurious resorts, you have all kind of accommodation choices on the island, of course, based on your budget. You can also opt to stay in a hostel accommodation with 8 share dorms and en-suites. To experience the nature while you are staying in the building, you can enjoy the camping experiences or the camp fires arranged by thee tour co-ordinators offering you the nature’s experience.

Moreover, if you are planning a trip with tour companies make sure that you check with them who are your company. Tour companies usually target a specific age range and so, you may find yourself with people who are not of your age, or rather from a different generation altogether. Always double check with the tour companies about the package so that you do not end up adventure if you are looking for relaxation, or vice versa.

Australia Noosa beach

Costs Associated

The cost will majorly depend on the total days of the tour selected and the type of accommodation. However, your budget will also vary depending on what type of trip you choose like if it’s a day trip, overnight trip, guided, or tag-along. It’s important to check if there are any hidden charges as there can be additional cost for carrying luggage, ferry transfers, or local expenses.

If you are planning for your next trip to Australia, Fraser Island is definitely a must visit with the Hervey Bay and the Rainbow Bach as the key highlights. So now that you know how long does Australian visa take, simply get it today by applying online and look forward to a super adventure in Australia.


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