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Australian East Coast

Australia on the road: the east coast

Australia, the world’s largest island is what dreams are made of. From the magical wilderness or deserts to the beaches and even snow, you have all the possibilities to explore as you plan to hit the road. If you are planning to drive across the country this holiday, hiring a campervan is one of the best ways to do so.

But, do you have your Australia Visa in place? If you are a foreign resident planning to travel to Australia for business or tourism purpose, an ETA Visa is a must to get an entry to the country. It’s an electronic Visa that’s electronically connected to your passport, so all you need to do is to apply for it online and it gets linked to your passport automatically. And voila! you are all set to take a pleasure trip to this wild and beautiful place.

Driving down a country that’s new to you may also have its challenges if you are not aware of the roads. So, to make sure that you can take advantage of all the best bits along the Australian East coast, we have this post for you that will tell all that in details and more.

Best Option to Travel Around Australia by Road

Australian east coast Camper on the road

While driving by car is one of the most preferred ways by many, travelling by a campervan or motorhome is one of the convenient ways. When it’s about travelling by road, you need to sleep comfortably during those overnight stays, a place where you can stock up food, and suffice your bathroom needs.

A motorhome is a perfect solution to all this, as it offers a comfortable ride with all the freedom on road. For those travelling solo, a bus tour is just right for them.

Time You Need to Travel Across Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country in the planet, so it’s about 26000kms to cover along the entire coastline and that’s why most travellers prefer covering just the East coast. The entire East coast is around 4000kms which is a huge area to cover that starts from the Great Ocean Road (close to Melbourne) to Cairns.

This starting point is considered to be one of the best if you are set to explore the Great Barrier Reef. So, that would take a minimum of a month’s time to cover the East coast. Make sure that you give yourself some rest, at least for 3 to 4 days for every 10 days of the road trip.

Australia Climate Zones

There are main climate areas in Australia:

  • The coastal southern location (stretches from the west coast to the east coast).
  • The Outback areas also known as the inner central areas.
  • The Northern tropical areas found in North Queensland, Northern Territory and North Western Australia.

What’s the best time to take a road trip along the Australian east coast?

The best time to take the East Coast would be in September when the winter just starts fading away and welcomes the warmer days. Make the most of Cairns by enjoying the outdoor events and the pleasant weather before it’s too hot starting from December. Yes, you can also avoid the crowds that flock during the colder months that’s in July and August.

But, if you want to visit Sydney that’s another major city along the East coast then you can travel anytime between March and May, or October and December. This way you can avoid the summers which is too hot and busy. A beach holiday would be prefect during the summer time that is January and February. But, if you are planning to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in style, Sydney is certainly the best spot to visit.

That being said, it’s equally important to have your travel documents right before you visit Australia for tourism purpose. Yes, as discussed earlier you must have your ETA Visa or eVisitor ready for an entry in the country, without which your entry is restricted. It’s aan electronic authority that allows you to enter the country only for business or tourism purpose. If you are wondering how long does Australian visa take, it’s in fact pretty easy. Simply apply for it online and it gets automatically linked to your passport without needing any official or any stamp on the passport. You are now ready for your dream trip to the Australian East coast.

Here’s some more information regarding the road trip to the East Coast.

Time Needed to Travel the East Coast
Approximately three weeks
Distance to be covered
From Cairns to Sydney – 2500kms
Seasons to travel the East Coast
It’s best to take a road trip down the East Coast during April-May and September-October. If you travelling to the North Australia, avoid the wet seasons that’s from November to February, and it’s better stay away from Sydney or Melbourne during the winters that’s from June to August.

Where to sleep while travelling

If you travelling in a motorhome then you need not worry about the sleeping part, but if you are driving a car, you may want to try the camping sites or caravan parks by paying a fee. Free campsites would not be such a common sight along some parts of the East Coast.

So, while you are ready with your surfboard, and the hiking boots for an adventurous road trip across the Australian East coast, follow the tips above and you are all set for the trip that you have been waiting for.

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