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Guide to the Mission BeachAirlie Beach at the Whitsundays Island

whitsunday slands Australia

If you are a backpacker heading to Australia, chances are that Whitsundays is on the top of your list. Made of a collection of 74 mesmerizing islands, it’s located away from the central coast of Queensland that forms a section of the Great Barrier Reef. These islands are mostly national parks and chief tourist attractions that makes way to the coral reefs. Here you can relax along the pristine beaches, or take a dive in the clear sea water, and even try snorkeling.

However, before you head over to Australia for a lifetime experience, you need the e-visa Australia to be authorized to enter the country. ETA Visa or eVisitor are electronically connected to your passport, so you do not need any VISA officer to authorize it or require any stamp on the passport. This VISA is specifically for business and tourism purpose. So, simply apply for it online and get ready for that fun trip to Whitsundays Island in Australia.

The best way to visit the islands would be through a multi-day sailing trip where they take you from one island to another, and you sleep on the sailboat with mono-haul. While it’s a splendid experience travelling in that mono-haul sailboat, you can also have some added fun diving in the sea.

How to reach Whitsundays?

airlie beach, Australia

You can reach Whitsundays using the route from Airlie Beach that’s located on the East Coast of Australia’s Queensland. If you take a flight direct from Hamilton Island it turns out to be much cheaper followed by a one hour ferry to the Airlie Beach.

Backpackers usually find base in the small, yet beautiful beach side town of Airlie Beach that gives those party vibes. From here, you can access the Whitsundays.


whitsunday islands Hotel

Hostels– The islands do not have any hostels, but instead have more of hotels for accommodation, or you can prefer to sail around on the boats for an exquisite feel.

Budget Hotels – the hotels on most of the larger islands are not for those looking for accommodation in a budget. These are rather resorts and are on the expensive side costing around 200AUD per night.

If you are looking for budget options, you can choose to sail using a boat that includes food and accommodation while offering an exquisite experience altogether. While a 2 days 2 nights package starts from 450 AUD, a 3 days 2 nights trip would start from 540 AUD.

If you want to save some money on the accommodation part, try booking the packages through Airbnb where you can book a private room starting at 72 AUD, or a compete home for around 100 AUD.


For those who choose the sailing tours, food is served on the boat. But, if you are on your own, you can buy food from the hotels and resorts at a considerably higher cost. Well, majority of the meals start at a price of 20 AUD.


If you are in for that sailing trip, you can take that boat from the Airlie Beach that leaves daily and often includes meals. Whether you take a short or a long tour it’s upto you, but a 2 days 2 nights trip starts at a price of approximately 450AUD.

How to save some bucks while travelling around the Mission Beach/Airlie Beach?

mission beach region

  1. If you are planning to visit just a single island, you can try the ferries in that case. But, given that there are mainly luxury resorts on the bigger islands, it would be a better idea to get boat cruise and save some extra bucks. Yes, and it’s exciting too!
  2. If you are not on a day trip on larger boats featuring those licensed bars, you can carry your own alcohol on the boat. However, you must consider that not all boats allow glasses. You can instead get a box of goon to stay in the budget.
  3. Considering that accommodation in Australia is pretty expensive, you can find some really cool Couchsurfing hosts all across the country by planning a little ahead. You will not just get a play to stay but, will also get the company of a local host to guide you through the place.
  4. There are around 21 campgrounds on all the islands, to be precise. So, if you are an outdoor person, all you need is a permit for camping at around 8 AUD per night. But, you would need a boat of your own to reach these locationswith your own food.

So, if you have already uploaded your evisitor application online, all you need is the ETA Visa in hand and you are ready to hit the Whitsundays Islands for unlimited fun. For detailed information on how to apply for a E Visa Australia, you can contact us by sending an email through the form on the home page.


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