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Australian Customs - Goods to declare

Australian Customs Goods to declare

Goods to be declared to Australian customs Australian Customs - List of goods to be declared What you must declare before your arrival into Australian airport, if you have an ETA to Australia or an eVisitor ?Our website describe all the obligations that the traveller must respect whe...
Australian Customs and Passenger Card

Customs and Passenger Card

Australian Customs and Passenger Card ETA visa or eVisitor visa for Australia (tourist or business) don’t guaranteed the entrance into Australian territory. There are other variables to consider, such as the customs and passenger cards closely linked to one another.Australian laws im...
Drugs that you can tran by travel in Australia

Medicines allowed when traveling to Australia

Medicines you can carry when traveling to Australia After deciding the destination of our trip it is always good to know if there are any particular health problems or if there are any mandatory or specific recommended vaccinations to be made. For vaccinations you can go to the inter...

Other types of visas Australia

Other types of visas for Australia The type of Australian visa to apply for is linked to the purpose of your visit, whether it is for tourism, business, work, study or to visit a family member. Passport holders from many countries can get a visa very easily online, while...
E-visa Australia connected passport

E-visa Australia connected passport

Is my Australia e-Visa linked to the passport? Are ETA Australia and eVisitor Visa linked to the passport? Customers often ask us how to check if their E-Visa Australia is attached to the passport or how to check if it has been officially approved. This site post answers the question...
Travel in Australia for the disabled

Flying Australia with Disability

Air travel for the disabled Travel with reduced mobility or medical devices The traveler isn’t just someone who isn’t suffering from any pathology, but he can also be someone who suffers from problems of reduced mobility; we speak for example of visually impaired people, people with ...
Expired Australian visas

Expired Australian visas

What to do if the Australian Visa expires? As described extensively on our site, to enter the Australian territory it is mandatory to obtain an entry visa. But.. What happens if, during your stay in Australia, the visa is about to expire or has already expired?  Which ...
Character and health requirements for australian  visas

Character and health requirements

Character and health requirements to be met for Australian visas There is no absolute certainty of entering Australia, even if you have a regular visa. You must meet the character requirement and health requirement to visit or live in Australia.  Character requirements fo...
Liquids in hand baggage on Airplane

Liquids in hand baggage

The rule of liquids in hand baggage 27 March 2020 Travel to Australia: Transport of liquids in your hand baggage Ten years has spent since very restrictive rules were introduced regarding the transport of liquids in hand baggage. Ther...
Adelaide, South Australia

The city of Adelaide

Adelaide, Capital of South Australia Nestled between the ocean and the hills, Adelaide (Capital of South Australia) can also be called the capital of the "Lifestyle". It’s considered one of the most elegant cities in the country with its tree-lined avenues and its Victorian-style par...
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