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5 Best Outdoor Markets in Sydney for That Ultimate Shopping Pleasure

Australia Markets in Sydney

Sydney’s outdoor markets are one of the best destinations you can explore as an avid shopper. The local markets offer a unique experience with the best bargains and some sunshine, while you catch up for some gossip and the local flavours in the relaxed afternoon. It’s undoubtedly a shopper’s paradise who take pleasure in unique food, fashion, and farmer markets.

But, before you plan your next trip to Australia to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience at the Sydney outdoor markets you must have a valid electronic Visa Australia. This is also called ETA Visa without which foreign resident is not allowed to enter the country. So, simply apply for it online and it gets linked to your passport electronically.

The Rocks Weekend Market

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Why visit here?

If you have seen those famous Sydney monuments in the postcards like the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House, that’s where these markets are located at. The contemporary Sydney started off from this place and the market stretches along the stylish warehouses, and the streets full of cobblestones.
The markets easily blend into the neighbouring bars, restaurants, pubs, boutiques, the Museum of Contemporary Art and with that spectacular marina.

What to Buy?

Designer clothes, hats, and home items are the common stuff that you can bargain for. If you are a craft lover you can invest in the hanging souvenirs made from the Australian trees or get those hand-crafted chopping blocks smelling of fresh eucalyptus. In a hotter weather try the cooling lemonade.

Bondi Markets

Why visit here?

Just cross the road and you reach the Bondi market that smells of sunscreen and the surf as you explore the market. What’s interesting is the dress code that’s beachcomber casual. The stalls are located inside the Bondi Beach Public School that houses a comfy canteen for food and drink reminding you of your school days.

What to Buy?

Antique items, retro home wares, vintage garments and essential oils are some of the common buys you can watch out for. You can also look out for the farm fresh organic and vegetarian food, boutique trucks and eco food products.

Newtown Market

Why visit here?

Although it’s an extremely small market where you wouldn’t take more than half an hour to look around, it’s still worth a visit to witness the alternative fashion of the town all at one place. From the young couples clad in in designer labels to the locals in shorts and barefoot, or the Busker’s and the street poets adding to the artistic environment of Newtown, there’s so much to explore. You can also relish Thai food or that taco or refreshing gelato as you explore the market.

What to buy?

This is the best place to invest in crafts by the local artisans made of well-polished old vinyl and more.

Glebe Markets

Sydney Glebe Markets

Why visit here?

The Glebe Markets is strategically placed in a massive school playground so that big kids can laze around with satay sticks, and more such food truck ideas. There’s usually some live music playing along offering that festival like feeling. This a place to sit, relax and watch people. You also get some pretty reasonable hostels around the Sydney University where you can meet up other students and travellers.

What to Buy?

Get a bargain on vintage clothing lay your hands on the used books, handicraft items, antiques vinyl items.

Rozelle Collectors Markets

Rozelle collectors market

Why visit here?

The market features shops run by locals like young friends who sell more for the experience than living. If you are interested in vintage garments and bric-a-brac, then you can get some real bargains at this relaxed market.

What to Buy?

You can buy designer and branded garments from the 90s and onwards. From a wide range of Barbie Dolls to varied dinnerware, tableware to elegant vintage kimonos, the place indeed has a lot to offer.

If your trip is majorly for some fun, shopping and entertainment in Australia, these 5 market places in Sydney are a must visit. So, get to know how long does it take to get an Tourist Visas for Australia, get it online and look forward to some exiting times in Sydney. For information on visa application procedures, you can consult the eVisitor for Australia visa guide for European citizens. if you are not a European citizen, consult the guide to ETA to Australia

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