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Character and health requirements to be met for Australian visas

There is no absolute certainty of entering Australia, even if you have a regular visa. You must meet the character requirement and health requirement to visit or live in Australia. 

Character requirements for visas

Character requirements for visas Australia

Anyone wishing to enter or to stay in Australia must meet the Fact Sheet as set out in section 501 of the 1958 Migration Act. Came in and stay on Australian territory is a privilege and all (tourists, workers, sponsor of visa applicants for Australia) must meet the requirements of character, even if already holders of ETA visa or Visa eVisitor.

In the online forms for apply to australian visa (also for ETA Visa and eVisitor) there are always questions about your criminal record. This information must be provided correctly. When the answer to these questions is yes, you will need to provide as much information as possible. In this case you will be asked to accompany the visa application with certificates attesting your declarations. This procedure also applies to requests for eVisitor and australian ETA).

If you declare the false, that is the information on the criminal record is omitted (you answer NO) voluntarily, the visa application could be refused. The world police databases are linked together, and even if you are granted a visa, it will be canceled upon your arrival in Australia. If this occurs, you will no longer be given the opportunity to enter the country in the future. 

The proof of character : The requirements

The character requirements test may fail if:

  • you have a very long criminal record.
  • you have been convicted of illegal immigration offenses in Australia or other countries around the world.
  • you have been expelled from Australia in the past
  • you have been a member of or associated with a person of an organization suspected by the Australian government of engaging in criminal action.
  • you are suspected of smuggling, war crimes, crimes against humanity, even if you are never condemned.
  • you have been convicted or formally charged with sex offenses involving a child
  • There has been an unfavorable assessment of security by the Australian Security Intelligence Organization
  • you have been reported by Interpol as a person at direct or indirect risk to the Australian population
  • you have been convicted of domestic violence offenses

The test may fail even if (in relation to your affirmative answers) government officials, during your stay in Australia have the suspicion that you can :

  • Undertake criminal actions
  • Harass, intimidate or stalk another person
  • Incite discord in the Australian community
  • Be a danger to the Australian community

Decisions about a person's character are made based on a number of factors. In making a balanced decision, the departmental delegates are guided by a Ministerial Direction.

When a person fails the character test, administrative officials can decide whether to refuse an Australian visa application, or cancel a valid visa.

If you are expelled from Australia on grounds of character, the E-Visa Australia will be canceled immediately, and you will not have a chance in the future to get a new visa to enter on Australian territory.

When the E-visa Australia is cancelled by the Minister, you haven’t the right to appeal to the administrative court. If the decision to cancel the visa is taken by a minister's delegate, it is possible to appeal to the administrative court within 28 days from the date to refuse.

Health requirement

Health requirement

Australia enjoys some of the best healthcare systems in the world. Australia enjoys some of the best healthcare systems in the world. Visa applicants must meet minimum health standards before obtaining it.

You meet key health requirements if:

  • You do not have active tuberculosis upon arrival in Australia
  • You are pregnant but the expected date of delivery exceeds the period of stay on the territory
  • If you have a chronic illness, your arrival is not expected to result in healthcare costs exceeding AUD 49,000
  • In the case of a visa for medical examinations, waiting times for treatment are not expected to exceed the time stipulated in the visa

If you are unsure whether you can meet the requirements but traveling to Australia is of paramount importance, you should contact the Australian Immigration Department and explain your situation.

The Department will assign you a doctor who will assess whether your health status allows you to apply for a visa as an eVisitor or ETA, or another type of Australian visa.

Medical treatment in Australia has a very high cost. If you need to undergo medical treatment during your Australian stay, you need to know that the costs are at your expense. We recommend that you take out a health insurance policy before traveling to Australia.

If you are pregnant when you travel to Australia and there is the possibility that you will give birth there, you cannot apply for an eVisitor or ETA but a Visitor Visa (subclass 600). You will also need to undergo a health check before departure to rule out the risk of hepatitis B.

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